Riding Around Atlanta Episode 5: Roswell To Hickory Flat


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RATING: Minimum of 1 Propel, Maximum of 5 Propels

Riding Around Atlanta

Atlanta has grown substantially over the past decades.  Areas that used to be green landscapes and farms are now urban/suburban centers full of restaurants, shopping malls and homes.  Fortunately for us there are several multimodal transportation advocacy groups, like Bike Roswell! and Bike Alpharetta, that encourage these developing areas to incorporate infrastructure for alternate modes of transportation, in this case bicycles.  North Atlanta is made up of several cities like Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta and Woodstock.  Major highways as well as beautiful back roads closely tie these cities.

On this episode of Riding Around Atlanta we will be discussing a route from Roswell to Hickory Flat, a few miles North of Mountain Park (Roswell GA).  Be mindful that our recommendations, while not free of traffic, are practical and relatively safe without making the trip excessively long and complicated.

This Route starts at the heart of GA’s first Cycling Friendly Community (thank you Bike Roswell!) Roswell.  It is approximately 16 miles long and has around 830 feet of ascending with a net loss of 60ft.  It should take about an hour and a half of total time at an average speed of 11-13mph.   This route is relatively safe and passes through some beautiful country roads.  It does contain several climbs that may make it a bit difficult, but the scenery is well worth it.  Along the way you will go through Roswell and Milton finishing at Hickory Flat.

Leg One: Roswell and Over Hwy 140

Starting from Downtown Roswell, on Canton St. (from your favorite coffee shop or restaurant) head north until you approach the intersection with Woodstock Rd.  Once there, make a left turn and ride through one of the roads in Roswell with some of the best bike lanes.  After a few miles on Woodstock Rd. you will come to the big intersection of Hwy 92 and Woodstock Rd.  Cross Hwy 92 and pass Roswell High School to your right.  Keep going straight and cross Hardscrabble Rd. then hop onto King Rd.  King Rd. has a nice downhill that will get your speed up to at least 30mph.  Once down at the bottom of King Rd. the climb up is steep but short.

When you get to the 3-way intersection of King Rd and Cox Rd. make a right turn.  Keep going until you get to Arnold Mill Rd. (Hwy 140).  Make a left turn onto Arnold Mill Rd. then an almost immediate right turn onto Ranchette Rd.  You are now on the north side of Hwy 140 / Arnold Mill Rd., a major highway we try to avoid for the most part due to traffic speeds.

Leg Two: Through Milton

Once you have passed Hwy 140 and are on Ranchette Rd. you will come to the intersection with New Providence Rd.   New Providence Rd. is popular with local road riders.  It contains a long downhill followed by a good climb that turns into rollers.  Try to beat the Strava segment leader and feel the burn.

Once you get to the intersection of New Providence Rd. and Birmingham Hwy. you will encounter a 4-way roundabout.  Take the third exit and head north on Hwy 392 / Birmingham Hwy.  After about 0.3 miles make a left turn onto Batesville Rd.  This road contains a “stair-stepping” hill.  It is not too hard of a climb but it will take you a few minutes to get to the top.  It’s right at about 1 mile at 3% with the record time up it being 3 Minutes and 5 seconds on the Strava Segment.  Once at the intersection with Sugar Pike go across then continue on Batesville Rd.  Ride on Batesville Rd. and make sure to stay to the left  as it becomes Hickory Rd.

You’ve made it!  Now let’s see what there is to do in Hickory Flats:

• JB Owens’ Park
• Hickory Trails Park
• Old Country Place (BBQ Restaurant)

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