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There is plenty to do during this winter at Roswell Bicycles!


What Off Season?

What’s going down at Roswell Bicycles?

  • Events for everyone! - Check out our upcoming events 
  • Service Tip of the week – our guys in service have seen it all when it comes to bikes in need of service
  • Erika’s Bike of the Week – our cycling experts review and explain bikes they think are great!
  • E-Bikes – Why?

Events for Everyone!

Here are some events coming up for everyone to enjoy.  From Clinics, to rides, to demos we want to make sure you are always thinking about your bike 😊

  • Sunday November 5th at 9am from Roswell Bicycles– Join NGCA and GTD Racing on their Typical Sunday ride.  It’s a 55 mile ride averaging around 19mph.  This ride has a smooth and steady pace that may surprise you! Details
  • Tuesday November 7th at 6pm at Roswell Bicycles – Liv Women’s Stretching for Cyclists Clinic.  Learn exercises that will help you enjoy your time on the bike even more! Details
  • Saturday November 18th at 11am to 4pm – Scott Mountain Bike Demo Days.  Come try the newest offerings from Scott, including the redesigned Genius!  Details
  • Wednesday November 29th at 2pm to 6pm – Giant Mountain / Road Bike Demo.  Take some of the best bikes available in the market for a spin.  Include Giant Anthem 29er, NEW Reign and TCR Advanced Disc KOM between others.  Details

Service Tip of the Week

 Now is the perfect time of the year to pamper your bike.  A few things Tim and Riley, from our service department, recommend are:

  • Changing cables and housing – whether it's brake or shifting cables, it is recommended that you change them periodically, otherwise your bike can suffer from poor shifting and brakes that do not release properly.
  • Replacing Tubeless Sealant – Tubeless is back and many bikes come standard with this feature.  Sealant should be replaced every 2-7 months depending on use and climate.  With the cold setting in it’s a good idea to check your tubeless sealant and probably replacing it.
  • Bar tape – Bar tape is a sponge for sweat, which in turn creates corrosion on your bars.  Make sure to change your bar tape periodically to prevent any damage to your cockpit.

Erika’s Bike of the week

2018 Specialized Fuse Carbon Comp 6Fattie

Fatty Mountain Bikes have some awesome cool factor.  She points out, “If you are looking for a hardtail capable of doing rides usually suited for Full Suspension bikes this is it.  The extra big tires give you the traction, control and confidence to tackle some rough terrain while keeping the climbing ability and precise handling of a hardtail”.  Additional features that make this bike a good all terrain bike are:

  • Dropper post for those steep descents and tight corners
  • Lockout on the fork for smoother faster XC type terrain
  • One-by drivetrain makes things simpler without sacrificing gear range
  • Carbon frameset provides a stiff yet smooth ride

E-Bikes... Why?

We are ready for E-Bikes!  There are many benefits to riding an E-Bike.  Great reasons to ride one include:

  • Save $ and Time on your commute – With no need for gasoline, insurance, tag (at least in GA) it basically pays for itself when you commute on one.  It also gives you the flexibility and agility of a bicycle when in traffic which saves you time which in turn saves you money!
  • Get fit while having more fun – The pedal assist makes sure you are not cheating your way out of a workout.  You still pedal and sweat, however, you’ll be travelling at twice the speed which means more distance covered and more to see and enjoy 😊
  • Keep up with your friends – Can’t stay with your co-worker who rides 300 miles a week but would like to ride with him/her? This may be your answer.

Still not convinced?  Ask Reggie, Captain of the Giovanni's Tile Design Racing Team while he rides a Giant Full-E on his suit and tie.  He says "When it comes to E-Bikes, our brands mean business"

E- Bikes at Roswell Bicycles

JUMP INTO THE FUTURE… with Roswell Bicycles’ E-Bike Selection

E-Bikes are officially in and we are proud to have an incredible selection in store.  We have tons of them for you to see, try and experience for yourself why E-Bikes are so great.  There is an incredible amount of benefits to having an E-Bike.  Whether it be to keep up with your local group ride, shorten your commute time or just have more fun on the bike, E-Bikes are just an efficient way of improving your overall experience and making what you love even better…

Here are some examples of the E-Bikes that are currently available in our store.

SPECIALIZED TURBO LEVO and TURBO VADO – One for the street and one for the mountain.  With incredible features like integrated lights, racks and speeds of up to 28mph these bikes will have you with a grin on your face. 

GIANT ROAD-E and QUICK-E – Giant offers their own variety of E-Bikes.  The Quick-E makes for a great commuter while the Road-E is an incognito road bike that will have you crushing your opponents at the local group rides or setting personal records. 

Come by our store and see our selection.  Our staff will be more than happy to find the E-Bike that best suits your riding style and needs.  Demos will be available and they are a great way to experience the future of cycling, Fast, Efficient and Fun...


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