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Specialized Crux


28 August 2015


Specialized, Cyclocross, Gravel

Specialized Crux

Mid-race, it's hard to focus on much more than the lung-searing, 60-minute effort that you're locked into. That's why you need a bike that'll make racing as easy as possible. That's why you need the World-Championship-winning Crux. It's a purebred cyclocross beast that's distinctly designed for the rigors of racing. With its lightweight, easy-to-shoulder frame design, hopping over barriers has never been easier. And to help navigate even the toughest of courses, the responsiveness of a dedicated cyclocross geometry is coupled with a level of vertical compliance that'll keep you fresh all the way to the final sprint for the line.

Retail: $7500.00 - $2200.00 (10 models)


In cyclocross, you need predictable, stable handling, as well as the ability to put the power down at a moment's notice. And in comparison to our Road Geometry, we ensure this with a taller bottom bracket, longer chainstays, and a slacker seat angle. So our cyclocross geometry ensures you get the ride quality you need—a true race-ready design for the unique rigors of CX.
Roval wheels are the result of extensive testing in the wind tunnel and real-world development under Pro Tour UCI riders. Featuring wide internal and external rim profiles that optimize the tire profile for precise handling, stiffness, and aerodynamics, Roval hand crafted wheels are the perfect balance of performance and speed.
Hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes provide more efficient stopping power, regardless of the weather or terrain. Additionally, they provide more modulation while requiring less hand input. This results in keeping you safe, confident, and fresher at the end of the day.
Whether you're on paved roads or gravel, traction is key. The wider the tire, the larger its contact patch with the ground, which leads to more traction over all kinds of terrain. Bikes that have a wider tire clearance fit up to a 35mm tire at the front and rear (32mm with fenders) and add an extra level of versatility and confidence to your ride.

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